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Festschrift 11.03.2005
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Senko Studio 3 years
Senko Studio celebrated its 3 year birthday March 9th 2005. Aarhus.nu congratulates with a small festschrift.

By Jan Falk Borup

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Paul Smith & Harold Smith "Father + Son" 2004

Senko Studio celebrated its 3 year birthday March 9th 2005. Until now the gallery has presented 24 exhibitions with Danish and foreign artists. The man behind Senko Studio is the artist Sergei Sviatchenko, who has kept the vision alive with his own means and efforts.

The last 3 years Senko Studio has played an important role in the Danish art life. Sergei Sviatchenko has insisted on presenting contemporary art at a high international level, and the gallery is one of the most interesting exhibition facilities for modern art in Denmark. Senko Studio compliments other big experimental art institutions. They work with much bigger budgets and have more opportunities to show contemporary art than Senko Studio and Rum 46 in Århus.

However Senko Studio and rum 46 show, that artist driven galleries can show other aspects of modern art. Here you have room for experiments to reach the limits of art without fearing that the public leaves at once.

Jacob Jensen "Electric sunset" 2005

Senko Studio has shown collage, video, and a mixture of design and art. This is not often seen in the Danish art scene. These expressions have given Sergei Sviatchenko the opportunity of working with heavyweigthers as the English designer and photographer Paul Smith, who in Senko Studio had his first exhibition in Denmark with photography. A cooperation one would expect should take place in a metropolis.

ASH "Scharlachrot" 2004

Aarhus.nu has had the pleasure of working together with Sergei Sviatchenko in promoting contemporary art. Senko Studio has shown several exhibitions with surprising elements. Mentionable is the artist ASH, who brought the girls from “the red light district” in Amsterdam to Viborg, or the impressive cooperation with the magazine “This is a magazine”, which resulted in the installation “ReadingRoom”.

Senko Studio and Sergei Sviatchenko deserve acclamation and praise for its contribution to contemporary art, and Aarhus.nu is looking forward to follow its activities in the future

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